Oh shit! I'm coming out!?!?!

my entire family: We already know you're a queer biscuit :0

but wait there's more!!

You may be thinking

what more is there?

turns out there is a funny little little thing called which i have been trying to figure out for the last 5 years!

so what am i on about?
Well after keeping it a secret for the past 6 months, I feel comfortable enough to tell y'all that I'm

T, I'm 30 something wtf does that mean?
okay don't need to be rude!

As defined by the oxford dictionary:

so i'm not a dude nor a chick, I'm just doing my own thing

    Ya might have funky questions like...

  1. what does this mean for me?
  2. do i still call you my sister???
  3. did you really learn html to come out to your family?

  4. I shall anwser all in due course

    except the last one, which is obviously yes

Oh what's this?
a second page??